Submit Your Scientific Paper

To present a paper at the JPR’2017 it is necessary to submit an abstract on the study for the Scientific Paper Committee's assessment. Before submitting a paper, it is essential to read the JPR Scientific Paper Rules.

Deadline for submitting an abstract is January 9.

Scientific Papers Certificates
The Scientific Papers presenting certificate will be available in digital form only, 15 days after the event.
During JPR, attendees and lecturers have the opportunity to present their papers in four ways:

Scientific Papers (PA)
Papers selected for presentation in poster format at the Papers Section, in the area of the event. They will also be available on the computers of the Digital Presentation Section during JPR. This panel is 0.90m high by 1.90m wide. Papers which are assessed positively but that can’t be exhibited in the area of the eventmay be invited to a computer-based presentation.

Scientific Papers – Digital Presentation (PD)
Papers submitted or relocated to exclusively digital presentation. These files must be made in Power Point.

Scientific Papers – Commented Panels (PC)
The best papers in "Scientific Papers" and "Scientific Papers - Digital Presentations" will be selected for a commented presentation, with their author(s) agreement. The presenter of the commented panel does not need to be the first author, but must be enrolled in JPR.

Scientific Papers – Oral Presentation (TL):
Oral presentations performed between JPR official lectures. Each presentation will last 8 minutes, followed by 2 minutes of discussion and clarification (except when the course coordinator changes its duration previously). The presentation time cannot be extended. The presenter does not necessarily need to be the first author, but must be enrolled in JPR. Oral Presentations should be made in English.
Good works that are not selected for oral presentation may be invited for presentation in other formats. For more information, contact the SPR.
Read Here the Scientific Papers Regulations.